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Did you know? Most businesses close down due to poor cash flow and not because of the lack of sales or profit. Most of these factors are out of the owners’ hands. There are many expenses including credit terms and debtors and all of them have an impact on your cash requirements. The team at Melbourne Finance can assist you with insurance premium funding, debtor finance and cash flow funding including lines of credit to help remedy any financial issues you may be having.


We ask questions and get to know you so that we can assess financial solutions and present you with the best options. 


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There are various avenues we can explore to find the right option for you. 


Our team will be there every step of the way and be able to help you with any financial issue that may come up. 

Insurance premium funding

Insurance premium funding is a loan that enables businesses to spread the cost of insurance over a period of time. This type of funding has been operating in Australia for over 30 years and is well established in all major insurance markets around the world. It is estimated that $7 billion worth of commercial insurance premiums pass through premium finance companies annually.

Premium funding allows businesses to pay their insurance premiums in regular instalments, rather than one large lump sum payment. This helps businesses manage their cash flow more effectively and allows them to keep their working capital within the business. The core benefit of premium funding is that it can help businesses manage their budget better and make sure they are properly insured against risks. Breathe easy with insurance premium funding from Melbourne Finance.

Debtor finance

Debtor finance offers your business a flexible source of working capital that allows you to improve cash flow. It works by releasing funds tied up in unpaid invoices, allowing you to access cash immediately. This type of financing is used by companies across all industries and sizes, including small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Debtor finance generally involves three parties: the lender, the borrower and the debtor. The lender provides the debtor with funds which are then returned when the customer pays their invoice. The loan amount typically ranges from 50-90% of an unpaid invoice and is usually repaid within 30 days.

At Melbourne Finance, we can offer you debtor finance that may unlock benefits such as include access to immediate cash flow; improved liquidity and debt management as repayments come from customers directly; protection from bad debts; and easier access to additional financing if needed due to growth or expansion.

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